The BrandLaureate SME Quotes

SMEs must accept that only Growth
Can position you and bring you Greatness.
No Growth, No Greatness!

You many be small in business but big in in contribution
You are The catalyst in contributing to the country's economy.

The stage is yours
Show it!

You can either get
Bitter or Better.
Bitter because you think you are too small to do anything,
Better because you believe that you are small
Yet you get to do everything.

Small can be powerful
Some of the smallest nations of the world
Are the most powerful and influential nations of the world
Some of the smallest body cells
Can build or break down the whole body system.
Small but necessary, indispensable and powerful.

SMEs can have your ah-ha moment
Great and Inspiring moment
SMEs can have your ha-ha moment
Grave and expiring moment.
The choice is yours!

If you don't stay competitive
Your competitors will
Then it may be too late to play the catch-up. Ok?

My only advice to SMEs is to
Stop talking and start doing.
Talking is only bragging and delaying
Doing is achieving and fulfilling.
All your talking is nothing until you start doing.
Turning your nothing into something by doing.

Today's SMEs must be
Swift, Smart and Strong
To stand up to the challenges ahead.

SMEs is a Small Medium Enterprise
With a Special Mission Empowerment
To take on the world.

People generally think that big equates to success
It may not necessarily be true.
Big does not mean success.
Small can be big when it is successful.
You can be small in size but big in strength.

Can be big today and great tomorrow!
Don't underestimate yourself.

Take up the challenge.
Build a Brand that shapes the world
Build a Business that shakes the world
Anything is possible!

Have faith in yourself now!
You will be the hope of the future, for the future.
In SMEs we trust.

SMEs must act now. Given time and over time you will be successful. Yes, you will!

SMEs, remember no one owes you anything. No one is obligated and indebted to you. You are solely responsiblefor your own success. Don’t be so dependable as if the whole world owes it to you.

SMEs, be reminded that every big business starts from small. Big is the by-product and the multiplication of small. Big companies were once SMEs.

Never underestimate, never despise and never be intimidated by size that you are just an SME. 99% of businessestablishments are SMEs.

SMEs, to be or not to be? Must as well be the biggest, the strongest and the greatest. Be the market leader.Be the leader of all or not at all.

SMEs, It is better to start small and grow big than to start big and grow small.

The 4G’s for SME: Go, Grow, Gain, Great. First, you must be bold enough to Go. Once you start Going, you start Growing. Through Growth, comes Gain. Only when you have Gained, then can you be Great!

SME may be small in business but Big in contribution to a country’s economy.

Where there are winners, there are losers. Let everyone else be a loser but you (SMEs) must be a winner.That matters most.

There will not be big without first being small. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first smallstep. Then, step by step to bigness.

SME be the force to be reckoned with
  1) Workforce (Building a strong team: intensity)
  2) Taskforce (Take is to task: potentiality)
  3) Strikeforce (Strike when the iron is hot: opportunity)
Be the force or Be forced out.

When reality strikes, you have only one mission. It’s a Do or Die mission. Better Do than Die.Be strong, Be tough and Be great!

SMEs must
  1) Undergo: the process
  2) Upgrade: the system
  3) Understand: the challenges
  4) Undertake: the leadership

Overtake or overtaken, undertake or undertaken, …?

The survival of the fastest:
  1) Be in the fast lane: against time
  2) Be in the fast pace: against self
  3) Be in the fast move: against competition
SMEs gotto be fast, faster and fastest in the race.

Growth is essential for SMEs. When we stop growing, you will be as good as dead. Stagnancy, Standstill and eventually be Stillborn.

Nothing can stop growth. When growing stops, progress stops and development stops. No growth, no life. Growth is a sign of life.

Growth is natural. Growth amass. Growth is to make one strong. Only with strength comes greatness.

Growth is painful but necessary. The pressure and pleasure of growing pain are inevitable.

Take Heart!
Bad days are over,
Bright days are coming.
The outlook will always be bright.
You just got to keep on believing
That the sun will keep on shining.


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